The TelComGuy
I'm Tom Wales: TelComGuy and  Independent TeleCommunications Consultant. I founded my business about 12 years ago to help businesses save money on their utility and telecommunications costs. When I started out, I had no idea how confusing this industry was--and still is. We’ve turned that confusion into opportunity. In those 12 years we have helped hundreds of businesses save countless thousands of dollars on their phone bills!

I Work for Free
When I started, I wanted to truly benefit my clients. So, I made the tactical decision to not charge a fee for my service unless I was successful. I marketed the service on a contingency; no savings, no fee and consequently, no risk to the client. Needless to say, I was a nervous wreck, not knowing whether or not I could make a living at this. Well, much to my delight, I have found that not only were my fears unwarranted, but my clients were delighted at the fact that they had someone in their corner to deal with the phone company. To this day, we still work on contingency and continue to save money for about 90% of the companies who sign on with us.

Reputation is Everything
My personal philosophy focuses on providing service to my clients and serving as an advocate for them. My success is based on my reputation which I earn with each and every client. I have found that you don't stay in business if you can't deliver the services and always do the best you can for your client. I will always do my best to
deliver the service.

A Few
TelComGuy Clients

SH Smith & Co.
Rex Lumber Co.

Spectran Specialty Optics
Northern States Metals
Town of Simsbury
Windsor Public Schools

Maine Audubon Society
Steel Pro
Project Staffing
Career Prospects



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